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Should You Buy Mortgage Points?

27 July 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you own a mortgage, one option you often have is to pay off your mortgage using points. A point costs a percentage of your mortgage amount. For each point, you are able to lower your interest rate. Sometimes, purchasing points can be highly beneficial in the long-term as it lowers your interest rate. Types Of Points The two types of points you can choose are discount points and origination points. Read More …

Two Things You Should Know Before Buying A Condo For Investment Purposes

27 July 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Purchasing a condo as an investment property can be a good way to earn passive income via rental payments from tenants. However, condos have special needs that must be considered before you add this type of property to your real estate empire to insure. Here are two things you should know about condos to help you prepare for the unique challenges condos can bring. Make Sure the Bylaws Match Your Goals Read More …

Four Steps To Take To Help Ensure Your New House Isn’t Harboring Any Surprises

1 June 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you're about to look for a house to buy, you're likely concentrating on things like what the schools are like in the area, is the house in a flood plain, and so on. These are all important, but you need to ensure that the house isn't hiding any major problems that could make it not worth purchasing. While there are state disclosure laws that the seller is supposed to follow, there's really nothing stopping a seller from not disclosing something. Read More …

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

24 May 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Selling your home can net you a great profit and leave you free to move on to a new home, but the selling process is not always smooth and easy. While you can't control the local real estate market, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent issues or a lack of interest when you list your home for sale. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, avoid the following mistakes: Read More …

4 Important Factors To Evaluate When Purchasing Land To Build A House On

11 December 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Articles

If you are looking for a parcel of land to build a home on and have already selected your house plans and set your budget, there are a variety of different factors you should look into before making an offer on land for sale. It is vital to evaluate these factors, because they can affect what you will be able to do with the land you buy, and they could also affect the expenses you will incur when you begin building your house. Read More …