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3 Things You Should Understand Before Buying Vacant Land

24 March 2022
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Rural land is appealing to more and more buyers in 2022. In fact, the National Association of Realtors reports that 54.6 percent of all inbound moves in 2021 were to rural areas. The pandemic taught Americans that working from home is doable and allows people to live anywhere. Rural land sales are quite different than suburban home buying, however. Working with an experienced land sales company that can guide you through the process is key to your success. Read More …

Working With A Real Estate Professional To Find The Best Properties

16 February 2022
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Buying real estate can be tricky, and finding the property you want or need sometimes take hours of research to find. Sometimes the solution is to hire a real estate professional to help you find the best listings and sort through them for you. Finding Properties One of the best ways to find the property you are looking for is to search the real estate listings for your area. While some public listings you can look for, the best resource is the regional MLS or multi-listing service. Read More …

Taking Inventory Of An Apartment Building In A Probate Case

13 January 2022
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Being named as the executor of a will is an honor, but it can seem overwhelming at times, particularly when the decedent owned commercial property such as a large apartment building. Part of the probate process is taking inventory of the estate, which includes businesses and commercial properties. Accomplishing that when there are tenants residing in the units in the apartment building can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, you can hire a commercial real estate appraiser to help. Read More …

Apartment Search Recommendations For A Pet Friendly Home

29 November 2021
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Finding the right home or luxury apartments for your personal needs in the right location and price can be a challenge when you are searching in a competitive rental market. But when you have a pet as part of your household, you will need to find an apartment home that allows pets and will be a good environment for them. Here are some recommendations to help you out with your search for a pet-friendly apartment home. Read More …

Setting Real Estate Goals And Working With An Agency

29 October 2021
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Whether you're a homeowner looking to sell or a curious observer of the real estate market interested in investing, there is a goldmine of potential abound. Several of the wealthiest people made their money in real estate. Any real estate goal you have requires some research and the right agent to help you navigate the market. Keep reading so that you can break down your real estate goals and hire a professional that can help you see them to fruition. Read More …