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The 4 Required Professional Inspections Before Buying A Home

31 May 2019
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Unless you are a licensed plumber, roofing contractor, or well drilling professional, you simply aren't qualified to evaluate these aspects of a home you want to purchase. For this reason, when you have otherwise evaluated real estate properties and have decided to write an offer, make sure you make it contingent on each of the four professional inspections listed below. This way, if any problems are found, you can request that the current owner fix them or you can renegotiate the purchase price. Read More …

3 Essential Reasons To Get A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home

21 May 2019
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Have you been thinking about buying a home somewhere? Are you planning to do the entire thing yourself without any professional help? While it's technically possible to do this, it may not be the best idea for you. There are a number of ways that having a professional on your side can help you when it comes to finding the perfect house. Some of the biggest reasons why you'll want to hire someone to help you instead of doing everything yourself are as follows: Read More …

Enjoy Hands-Off Investing With Your Rental By Hiring The Right Property Manager

2 September 2018
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Some people who buy a rental property as an investment are prepared to be a landlord. While you may love the idea of investing in real estate by renting out properties, your plan may involve hiring a property management company to handle everything related to renting and tenants. If you want to have a hands-off experience in which you do not need to worry about making decisions except for during emergencies, you should find the right property manager to hire. Read More …

Phrases That Can Be Detrimental When You Write A Real Estate Listing

27 October 2017
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One of the often-overlooked skills that a real estate agent should possess is the ability to write an effective real estate listing. While those who are browsing the listings will definitely be looking at the photographs and assessing the room dimensions, they'll also be carefully reading the written description about the listing. This series of paragraphs shouldn't be an afterthought — a well-written house description can excite a prospective buyer, while one that is poorly written can compel a buyer to continue to browse other listings. Read More …

Three Reasons Why It’s Better To Invest Your Money In Real Estate Than Tech Companies

19 October 2017
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Technology companies have exploded in popularity ever since computers became a household item. Due to its seemingly exponential growth, the tech industry has become one of the most popular ways to invest your money. However, there are a number of reasons why good old-fashioned real estate is a better way to spend your wealth. Gadgets Come and Go, but People Always Need Roofs over Their Heads Publicly-traded companies constantly rise and fall, and technology companies are especially notorious for being volatile. Read More …