What A Realtor Does When You List Your Home

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What A Realtor Does When You List Your Home

18 March 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

One way to sell a house is by hiring a Realtor. Your Realtor will take on many responsibilities when a homeowner hires them to sell a house, and you will pay the agent for the assistance when you sell your home. After signing the listing agreement, you can expect your Realtor to start working on the sale, and here are some steps they will take to sell your property.

Advertise the Listing

Once you sign all the documents for the listing, your Realtor will get to work. One of the first steps is advertising the listing. Without advertising, no one would know about your home sale. Advertising is a huge part of what Realtors do for their clients, and it is what draws buyers to the home. People will probably start calling for viewings of your home within days of seeing your listing.

Show the Home and Schedule Viewings

Your Realtor might show your home to prospective buyers, but other agents representing buyers may ask to show it. For this to happen, they'll need to contact you through your Realtor first. They will contact you to arrange the dates and times. You will receive plenty of notice before each viewing request so you have time to prepare for the showings.

Respond to Other Agents

Your Realtor also has the role of responding to other agents when they request information or ask questions. Agents might call your Realtor to get answers on behalf of their clients. Other agents might also call your Realtor to learn more details about the house before taking clients to see it. Your Realtor is the person that handles every detail of your home sale so you don't have to.

Negotiate the Home Sale

Your Realtor also helps negotiate with buyers. When a person wants to buy your home, they will submit an offer to your agent. Your agent will show you the offer and help you know how to respond. For example, they can advise you on the language to use to accept, decline, or negotiate an offer. You can choose how to respond, but you should always take your agent's advice when it comes to negotiating on the home sale.

Selling a house takes work and time, and you can face fewer challenges along the way by hiring a Realtor to help you sell it. If you would like more information related to home sales, talk to a local Realtor today.