Tips For Showing A Home To A Potential Buyer

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Tips For Showing A Home To A Potential Buyer

6 January 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When showing a house to a potential buyer, you want to make the best impression possible. The following are a few tips to help you do that.

Clean and Clear the House

The first tip is to clean and clear the home. This begins from the entryway and includes both the exteriors and the interiors. Imagine a potential buyer seeing cobwebs in your kitchen or an overgrown yard. The buyer might think you don't take good care of your house, which is a turnoff.

Don't Pressure the Buyer

The second tip is to let the buyer view the house without any pressure from you. Don't ask the buyer their opinions on the house or ask for their purchase decision. Don't follow the buyer from room to room since that might make them timid.

Set a Comfortable Temperature

Set a comfortable temperature on the heating or cooling system depending on the prevailing weather. This is especially true if your home is vacant since people tend to turn down the temperature when in unoccupied houses.

Illuminate the House

It's also a good idea to illuminate the house as thoroughly as possible. For one, this will enable your prospective buyer to view every inch of the house. Secondly, proper illumination is good for aesthetic purposes and even makes a house appear more spacious. Therefore, you need to open up the window blinds and turn on all the lights.

Open Interior Doors

Anyone coming to view the house will want to see every inch of the place. Therefore, you should ensure there is maximum accessibility. Ensure all the doors are open, including cabinet and closet doors.

Go Easy on the Scents

A good-smelling home is better than a foul-smelling one. However, flooding your home with different scents won't help much; strong scents can even turn off some buyers. Moreover, some people are allergic to artificial scents such as those found in sprays. As long as your house is clean, you can make do with natural smells such as natural spices.

Provide Refreshments and Snacks

You want prospective buyers to linger in your home and like it. Encourage them to do so by providing refreshments and food. Water, soft drinks, and some cookies may be enough – you don't have to provide a buffet.

Hopefully, your efforts above will translate to a purchase offer. It also makes sense to engage a real estate agent to help you show and sell the house. Talk to a professional to get more help when you want to sell your house.