Careers For Retirement: 4 Low-Key Job Options For Seniors

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Careers For Retirement: 4 Low-Key Job Options For Seniors

18 August 2016
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If you're retired, you can definitely miss the larger income you enjoyed when you were working full time. However, going back to full-time work is not possible for many seniors who experience more health challenges and less energy as they get older. If you're looking for some part-time income that fits in with an active senior lifestyle, here are some job options you should consider. 

Freelance Writing

This is an area where your life experience and full-time career will benefit you. There are many freelance writing websites where you can post contributions for sale. Articles can be on almost any topic, but many clients are looking for website or blog content that highlights their business and services. If you have how-to knowledge in medical topics, mechanics, engineering, construction, or have worked as a plumber or electrician, you can write quality content that will be easily marketed. 

Other freelance writing opportunities include writing in other languages, which can be great if you know two languages. You can also edit if you are good with grammar -- many seniors have excellent command of English because their formative education placed a higher emphasis on grammatical excellence. 

Help Desk

You can contact your local hospital, nursing home, or library and see if you can work the help desk for a few days a week. This job helps you to stay current in the community as you direct phone calls and greet people who come to use public facilities. 

Real Estate

Real estate is a great second career option for those in retirement. It takes some training and money to become licensed in your state. Usually, the training courses can be completed online through an online real estate school, and you'll need to take an online test. But once you've passed, you can help people in your community find homes. If you've lived in the area for decades, you'll have great information to pass to your clients about specific neighborhoods, housing trends, and properties. If you're integrated in the community already, you'll even have an instant client base; family and friends will come to your for their real estate needs. 

Just remember that to work in real estate, you will need to be reasonably well-versed in modern technology, such as sending and receiving emails and faxes, text messaging, and keeping track of listings online. You also should be willing to work flexible hours and weekends, because many people need to view houses during their time off work. 

For more ideas about how to get started with a career in real estate, talk to an online real estate school of about the licensing requirements in your state. Get started on the required hours of education now so that you can enjoy a career that helps you stay current with the life in your community. 

Home Health

This job is not for the faint of heart, but can a great option for the senior who wants to play the grandparent role and get paid at the same time. Many parents need caregivers for children or adults that have special needs. Sometimes, these patients can be too rambunctious, but some children and adults have conditions that leave them bed-ridden or in wheelchairs, but still in need of companionship. Energetic retirees can be an invaluable home health companion and aide as they prepare meals, read stories, and provide a caring environment for those in need. This job is especially suited for those who have worked with children, in social work, or in nursing during their lifetime, but other seniors may qualify just based on life experience, such as caring for a sick child as a parent.