3 Questions To Ask Before Signing A Senior Apartment Lease

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3 Questions To Ask Before Signing A Senior Apartment Lease

13 July 2022
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Renting an apartment at a seniors-only building—such as with Robert  Cottingham Property Management Co—can make it easier to enjoy your retirement years with other people in the same age group. From scheduled activities to more amenities you'll enjoy, these buildings can be an excellent alternative to renting the typical apartment.

While these apartments cater specifically to seniors, there can still be a lot of differences between these rentals. Before you sign a lease for a senior apartment, consider the following questions to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new home.

Ask About Scheduled Events

If you're concerned about what to do after moving in, it's a good idea to look into apartments that regularly have activities going on. It's common for senior apartment buildings to have regular events for tenants to attend, making it a great thing to check before signing a lease.

Scheduled events can include fitness classes, social meetups, game nights, and even 'yard' sales where tenants sell things they no longer need. These events can make socializing and staying active easier, two things that are so important as you get older.

Consider the Walkability

Whether you still drive or you prefer walking and biking, it's wise to check how walkable the building's location is. Being able to walk down the street to the grocery store, hospital, or even a park, can be an excellent feature to have with your apartment.

By knowing what to expect for the walkability of the apartment, you won't run into an issue where the apartment is tough to travel to and from. Considering the distance to other friends or family is also a good idea since you don't want to deal with a long commute.

Discuss Rent Control

As you get older, there's a good chance you'll be on a fixed income and aren't comfortable with sudden spikes in rent. Before you sign a lease, make sure to ask about rent control so you know whether you'll be comfortable with the cost of rent and the percentage that rent can increase each year.

Having this information in writing can help protect you if rent increases suddenly and at a much higher rate than expected.

Before you fall in love with an apartment to rent, there's a lot to consider to ensure you'll be satisfied after moving in. Knowing what to expect from different apartment buildings and their amenities can help you feel certain that an apartment is the right match for you as you age.