Buying A Condo? 3 Tips To Find A Unit With Ample Storage

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Buying A Condo? 3 Tips To Find A Unit With Ample Storage

20 April 2022
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While living in a rental, you may learn a lot about the features and qualities you want as a property owner. Setting your sights on a condo makes it important to thoroughly analyze the amenities, communities, and units to purchase the right one. For instance, you may decide that you want ample storage, and you can make sure you get it by shopping with specific priorities.

In-Unit Storage

The easiest kind of storage to get is inside your condo. This storage is the most convenient to access, whether you put things in or remove items. So, you want to count all the closets and analyze them because they will account for a lot of your storage space. A great move is to look for a bedroom walk-in closet to guarantee enough room for storing clothes.

Other places that you will get storage from include cabinets, drawers, built-in shelving, and the bathroom vanity. While some condos may have a pedestal sink in the bathroom, you can look for units with a large vanity to help you store bathroom items inside cabinets and drawers.

The square footage of your condo will also play a role in storage potential. A unit with more space than you need allows you to purchase storage furniture to put in each room.

Storage Locker

Some condos you find will come with a storage locker within the community. Locker dimensions may differ per community, so you want to find out the details before making offers. A small unit can make up for the lack of storage with an oversized locker that you can use.

Another detail to consider while looking at condos is the locker's location compared to the unit you are interested in. When you plan on storing heavy or oversized items, you might want to prioritize listings where the storage locker is only a short walk away from the condo.

Private Garage

While some condos provide their residents with dedicated parking spaces, you will find some that give you a private garage instead. These garages are worth prioritizing because you can park your vehicle inside and use the rest of the space to store personal belongings.

A reliable way to maximize storage capacity is by using ceiling storage racks and tall shelving units that allow you to use every bit of space for storage. Some units even provide a parking spot in addition to the garage, which allows you to dedicate the entire garage to storage.

Use these tips to help with buying a condo that has ample storage. Contact a realty company like The Fabiano Group to talk about finding a condo to fit your space needs.