Apartment Search Recommendations For A Pet Friendly Home

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Apartment Search Recommendations For A Pet Friendly Home

29 November 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Finding the right home or luxury apartments for your personal needs in the right location and price can be a challenge when you are searching in a competitive rental market. But when you have a pet as part of your household, you will need to find an apartment home that allows pets and will be a good environment for them. Here are some recommendations to help you out with your search for a pet-friendly apartment home.

Plan For Pet Fees

When you own a pet, especially one with four legs that will run through your home, you will need to plan for the occasional accident and some wear and tear to the inside of the apartment. For this reason, your landlord is going to require you to pay a pet deposit to cover the occurrence of any damage to the unit. For example, if your pet claws or chews on the corner of a wall or door frame, it will need to be repaired when you move out. A pet deposit is a likely charge, which is refundable in some situations, so check with your landlord before you sign the lease so you understand the details of the agreement.

You may also find that your landlord will charge you an additional pet rental fee in addition to the rent you will be paying on the apartment. Pet rent is an added fee that pays for your pet's residence in the apartment, so plan for this expense in your monthly rent charge. Sometimes the pet rent is charged per pet, so for example, if you have two dogs in your apartment, plan to pay for two additional pet rental fees each month.

Evaluate Apartment Property Amenities

When you are searching for an apartment for rent with your pet, consider the types of amenities you will need, such as a dishwasher, fireplace, or garage. Look for an apartment that provides a fenced-in outdoor pet space for your pet to run and play without a leash. Some apartments that are pet friendly will offer on-site dog grooming to make your dog's personal care more convenient, or pet care walking or daycare service to help you manage your pet while you are at work.

You may also want to seek out a specific type of flooring in your apartment that is more friendly to pets. It is much easier to clean up after pet accidents and messes when your home is finished with a tile, vinyl flooring, or plank flooring that doesn't allow for the flooring to absorb your pet's messes and odors. Look for an apartment that has solid surface flooring and forego wall-to-wall carpeting.