5 House Features Late-Pandemic Era Buyers Want — And How To Add Them

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5 House Features Late-Pandemic Era Buyers Want — And How To Add Them

2 August 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you plan to sell your home in 2021, the best way to get a good price and a quick sale is to understand what buyers are looking for in the post-pandemic world. Armed with this knowledge, you can make selective changes, highlight the right features, and price your home in the right way. Here's what your potential buyers are looking for and how you might give it to them. 

1. Main Floor Bathroom.

As people spend more time working and playing at home, they want the convenience of a main floor bathroom. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be a large, expensive addition. A simple powder room can often be tucked into many small niches. 

2. Master Suite.

Can you upgrade your master bedroom to make it more luxurious? If so, you'll attract buyers who want their home to be a haven against a distressing pandemic world. While the most important part of a master suite upgrade is to add a bathroom, you can make other, smaller changes. Add space to the closet or the main bedroom. Upgrade the electronics and wiring. Or you can stage it to make it feel larger and airier. 

3. Outdoor Space.

No one would likely be surprised to know that many buyers want private outdoor space after the pandemic. If your home doesn't already include this, there's likely little you can do about it. But if you do have some outdoor area, make sure it's comfortable and appealing. Some landscape or simple patio additions can boost its appeal for a small investment. 

4. Modern Kitchen.

The kitchen has long been a main selling point for today's houses. But it's more important in an era when more people are eating and entertaining in the home instead of dining out. Update old appliances and modernize cabinetry. Choose a paint palette that makes the room appear larger and fresher. Add good lighting and open up natural lighting. And, when possible, the ultimate kitchen upgrade is usually more space. 

5. Garage.

Garages are important both for the safety and security of their vehicles but also as additional storage or even an extra room. If you have a garage, clear it out and ensure that it's finished inside. If it was converted into something else, consider reversing those changes. Don't have a garage? If your budget allows you to turn a carport into an enclosed space, you'll get a lot of bang for that buck. 

Want more ideas for what buyers in your local area are looking for? Start by meeting with realty home buyers in your community today. The sooner you know what will appeal to your pool of shoppers, the sooner you can get started turning your home into their post-pandemic dream home.