Children's Room Features Found In Luxury Homes

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Children's Room Features Found In Luxury Homes

16 February 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When searching for luxury homes, you often know what to expect for the adults in the house, but you can expand those luxury features to children as well. Specific house designs are catered to growing children, and you can seek out these features as you browse through luxury real estate.

Built-In Cabinets

As children grow, they tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Toys, stuffed animals, and books can take up a ton of space. Help reduce the amount of clutter by searching through luxury homes for sale that have built-in cabinets.

The cabinets offer a lot of shelf space, and some may include doors that can close and cover up items. Some cabinets may include built-in cubby holes that allow a child to easily organize and separate items. Large locker-based hanger areas may provide space to hang up coats, jackets, and role-playing gear like capes.

Jack-and-Jill Bathrooms

Many luxury homes feature a master bathroom attached to the master bedroom, but children can also enjoy a bathroom with close proximity to the bedroom. A Jack and Jill bathroom often connects to two smaller children's bedrooms. The bathroom offers easy access for a child, especially if they have to use the bathroom at night.

Some of the bigger Jack-and-Jill bathrooms may also include a shower or bath. As a child gets older, the easy access to the bathroom makes things a lot easier and will not create crowds in some of the main bathrooms of the home.

Reading Nooks

Children may seek out quiet time to relax, study, read books, and complete homework. Look for a children's room with a reading nook built inside. A reading nook provides an area to place chairs or a desk and is set apart from the rest of the room.

A reading nook may also feature larger windows so a child can enjoy natural light while they read. The views of outside the home can also offer a lot of stimulation and visuals.

High Ceilings

A children's room with high ceilings gives you a lot of options for furniture and decorations. You may purchase loft beds, bunk beds, or specialty beds with unique designs like a princess castle or dragon dungeon. The high ceilings will ensure the unique furniture fits inside the room comfortably and a child has plenty of space when on the top of a bed.

A luxury real estate agent can help you find listings with the children's room features and other features you seek out in a home.