Look For Office Space That Includes These Areas

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Look For Office Space That Includes These Areas

7 December 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you plan to rent office space, you might strictly be thinking about a small area in which you can set up a desk or perhaps a couple of cubicles. There are plenty of small office spaces that are available for rent and that may appeal to you, but it never hurts to think about larger spaces that can offer more — especially if you have plans to grow your business and you don't want to think about moving again when that happens. Take some time to browse a few office spaces in your community. There are many factors that you'll want to evaluate, including considering spaces that offer these areas.

Reception Area

Lots of office spaces have small reception areas, which can be more appealing than an office that simply consists of one room. If you'll be dealing with people in person during your average workday, it's nice if they can enter the office and have a dedicated area to wait until you're ready to see them. In a smaller space, they may enter and be nearly face to face with you, which may potentially feel awkward, as well as not give you the privacy that you may need at times. A few pieces of furniture, including a sofa and a coffee table, can make your reception area welcoming.


You might initially downplay the idea of needing a boardroom in your office space, but it's a good idea to give this area some serious consideration. While you might not have a daily need for a boardroom, there will likely be times that you'll appreciate having this area in which to work. For example, you might be meeting with more clients than can comfortably fit in your office. In this scenario, it makes sense to relocate to the boardroom. Or, if you and a colleague will be tackling some brainstorming for a big project, having space at the boardroom table can be ideal.


A lot of people get used to eating lunch at their desks, but there are drawbacks to this idea. Not only can eating at your desk make your office or cubicle area smell like food — which isn't ideal if you'll soon be meeting with a client — but it also may not give you a legitimate break from your work. Many office spaces for rent have lunchrooms, and it may be ideal for you to choose a space that has this facility. Getting away from your computer and sitting down to eat with a colleague may be something that you enjoy daily.

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