Looking At One Bedroom Apartments? What Matters In Your Search

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Looking At One Bedroom Apartments? What Matters In Your Search

1 October 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When looking at one bedroom apartments for rent, it may not look like you have much to work with. You have your bedroom, your main area, your bathroom, potentially a kitchen, and not much else. While it may not seem like there's much more to one bedroom apartments, you still want to shop wisely. Here are things to look for in one bedroom apartments.

Pet allowances

Whether one bedroom apartments allow pets or not should be a concern of yours even if you don't have a pet. The reason why is this: should you choose to get a pet in the future, you don't want to have to move if the apartment you chose doesn't allow them. If you are allergic to pets or absolutely do not want an apartment that has ever allowed them, your best bet is to get an apartment with no pet allowances.

If you're looking at one bedroom apartments that do allow pets, then you should consider ones that have small pet areas outside the apartment for walking pets or allowing them access to fresh air. This way, you and your furry companion can live comfortably in your smaller space.

Proximity to work or school

Lots of one bedroom apartments exist on the market because they appeal to a wider audience than other apartments might. They're often cheaper and more affordable to singles or couples who just want a place to call their own. For this reason, you should have little trouble finding the right single apartment for your needs so long as you look at one bedroom apartments near your favorite or most-frequented locations, such as work or school.


When you look for one bedroom apartments in your area, you should be making price a priority. If an apartment rental appears more than another, find out why. It could be that the one bedroom apartment features more amenities than another and is worth the additional cost, or it could be that the apartment has an additional room for storage or to be used as a home office.

If there are a plethora of one bedroom apartments for rent in your area, then don't be afraid to negotiate a rental price or contract with your potential landlord. For example, are you prepared to rent an apartment at a higher price, but only on a month-to-month contract? If an apartment has been listed for some time and has no active renters vying for it, you may have the upper hand in a rental contract.