Four Reasons To Consider A Condo For Your Vacation Home

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Four Reasons To Consider A Condo For Your Vacation Home

6 December 2019
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Purchasing a vacation home can be a great investment, and it can provide you with a wonderful space to spend time away from home. However, a traditional single-family home may not always be the best option for you. Here are some reasons to consider purchasing a condo instead of a house.

HOA Services

Yes, HOA fees can add to the overall cost of your home, but for a vacation homeowner, they can mean serious savings on regular maintenance. You won't have to worry about landscaping costs or building upkeep, and some homeowner's associations even include the cost of some utilities in their monthly fees. If you won't be in the home for much of the year, knowing that the basic upkeep for the property is covered can provide added peace of mind.

Added Security

Condo buildings may provide your family with a greater sense of security. Gated entrances to the parking lots, secure entryways, and on-site security cameras can all help you feel safe and secure. You also won't have to pay for the installation of these features like you might when purchasing a single-family home. It can also be more difficult for would-be thieves to know when you are away, as the building will still be bustling with activity from the other residents. In a traditional house, it can be relatively easy to know when your family isn't staying there.

Proximity To Local Attractions

Depending on where you want to own a vacation home, you may find that condo buildings can be situated closer to local attractions and amenities. Owning a condo in a downtown area, for example, makes it easy to walk to local restaurants, comedy clubs, and theaters. Beach-front condos provide all the benefits of living close to the water, and they can sometimes cost less. This is because you are only purchasing the living space instead of coveted waterfront land. Some condo buildings in downtown areas even have retail space on the first floor, which means food, nail salons, and other businesses are only a few steps from your door.

Onsite Amenities

You may find that condo buildings in the area you are hoping to buy provide a host of extra amenities. Community rooms can be used to host parties while you're on vacation, and on-site gyms make it easy to keep up with your fitness goals without the need for an extra gym membership. Some luxury condos may even have private movie screening rooms and play areas for children, so your family can enjoy even more entertainment options while away from home.

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