3 Important Questions To Ask A Military Relocation Specialist

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3 Important Questions To Ask A Military Relocation Specialist

8 October 2019
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You have found out that you are being restationed in another country, and picking up your family and plotting them somewhere far from where you now call home is a massive feat. Thankfully, you do not have to attempt to make such a move and find a new home all on your own; military relocation specialists (sometimes referred to as military relocation professionals or MRPs) can help make this transition a little easier to handle in spite of the long distance.

There are several advantages of working with one of these specialists, but there are also some questions that you should make sure you ask. Here is a look at a few important things to discuss with the military relocation specialist before you move. 

Will they negotiate the best price for a property on your behalf?

In some cases, negotiations for a specific property will be left primarily up to you. However, when you are working with an MRP, the realtor may actually do the negotiations for you if that is what you prefer. All of the back and forth to settle on an agreeable price can be a bit time-consuming, and it may not be something you really have the time to handle. If not, it is helpful to know the MRP you are working with is going to take care of this for you while you focus on other things.  

Will you be responsible for making shipping arrangements for belongings?

Some MRPs go above and beyond for those who are serving in the military, so they will handle a lot of parts of the moving process even after they have helped you find a home. One example of such is that these pros often help arrange the move so you don't have to; all you have to do is be available when movers come to help you pack.  

Will they work with you through certain parts of the process?

Even though you may be having to move in a hurry, there are certain things that you will likely want to take part in during the shopping process for a new place in a new location. For example, you may want to provide feedback about certain areas as homes are found or provide input about the schools in the area. Make sure the military relocation specialist knows what parts of the process are important to you and how you wish to be involved.