Reasons To Buy A Single-Family Home Instead Of A Townhome

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Reasons To Buy A Single-Family Home Instead Of A Townhome

14 October 2017
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While townhomes can be a great place to live, before you buy one, you may want to look at a few single-family homes. Even if you are pretty sure you know what you want, it won't hurt to look. Unless a new townhome development was just finished, there will be more single-family homes available to see, You may get some nice ideas for what you would like to do once you move into your place. You may also decide that the benefits to living in a detached house will be better for your lifestyle.

Outside Space

If you have children or a dog, having space for them to play outside is important. Townhomes do not normally have much of a yard. Sure, you may have enough space for a table and chairs and a grill, but probably not much more than that. If you want to do any gardening or have nice landscaping, you are going to need more space. While you may not need it now, consider what you may want in the next five years or so.

Peace and Quiet

When your home shares a wall with someone else's home, things can get more than a bit noisy. You will be able to hear their vacuum cleaner, dog, kids, and possibly even their TV and stereo. When things are busy on your side of the wall you may not notice the noise coming from them. However, when your house is quiet, you will be surprised at how much you can hear. If you and the neighbors are on different work schedules, this can be very annoying. Of course, you also need to consider what they will hear coming from your side. If they work nights and your kids are home and noisy all day, is it fair to them?

Natural Lighting

A townhome will not have any windows on the walls it shares with another home. This means you will only have light coming in from the front and back of your house if you are between two homes. If you like light, open spaces, a single-family home is going to provide this much better.

If you have been working with a real estate agent to find a townhome for you, ask him or her about a few single-family homes for sale that will fit your criteria. Take a look at what is available and what this type of home can offer you. It might be exactly what you want, you just didn't realize it.