Receiving Notice Before A Showing: Working Out What's Right For You

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Receiving Notice Before A Showing: Working Out What's Right For You

10 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Arranging for showings when selling your home can be one of the more difficult aspects because you have to balance the buyers' needs with your own. It would be nice if you could keep your home in showing-ready shape all of the time, but in reality, you, your family, and your home are going to need notice to prepare. The question is how much -- or how little -- you can get away with.

Buyer's vs. Seller's Market

If you live in a seller's market, where house sales happen in seconds and people put cash down on the spot, you have a better chance of getting adequate notice before an agent enters your home. If there's no risk that your house won't sell because someone had to wait a day to see it, then take that opportunity to require advance notice from agents. That time lets you lock away valuables and get the house cleaned up.

If you live in a buyer's market, though, where inconveniencing buyers even a little can result in not selling your home, then you may want to consider different plans. See if agents can give you a couple of hours' notice, or if they can limit showings to specific times of the day, such as between 9 and noon, for example. You do need some sort of notice so that agents aren't showing up when you and your family are in pajamas and eating breakfast, but if you really want to sell your house and are facing a slow market, see what you can work out.

Tenants Count, Too

If the house you're selling is a rental, and it's currently occupied, then you need to take your tenants' rights into consideration, too. Many states require that tenants get a set amount of time, like 24 hours, as notice before someone comes over for a non-emergency reason. If your state doesn't have that rule, you still need to give notice lest the tenant think someone is trying to break in or pull off a scam.

Your Own Life

Finally, you have to consider your own schedule. If you work an odd shift and need to sleep at non-traditional times, then you really need to set boundaries regarding showings no matter what the market is like. If there are times when you can't be disturbed because you work from home, talk to the agent. Find one who will cooperate and set up rules for giving notice that benefit both you and the buyer.

Real estate agents know that people have different schedules and concerns, but even if you're working with the best agent in town, never assume you'll get a particular amount of notice. Set ground rules for this right from the start. A good agent will want these rules set, too. Contact an agency, like Desert Sky Real Estate, LLC, to get started.