Don't Overlook These Things When Preparing Your Home For Sale

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Don't Overlook These Things When Preparing Your Home For Sale

6 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Once you have decided to put your house up for sale, there are a lot of things you want to do in order to get it ready. However, some things can be overlooked that a buyer with a good eye may catch. Even things that aren't really a big deal, in general, can tend to be used by a buyer to try to offer a lower price or can surprisingly even turn some of them off from buying the house completely. Here are some commonly overlooked areas you can easily take care of before people come out to see your home:

  • Clean up all areas of your yard: If you have a large yard and part of it isn't easily seen when you step outside, then you need to walk the property and make sure you clean up messes. A buyer may not like finding a big pile off forgotten dog feces off in a corner of the yard or walking upon an old pile of recyclables, tires and other debris that you forgot was put there.
  • Clean the tops of everything in the house: It can be easy to forget to clean off those high cupboards, the shelves high up in your closets, the top of your oven hood and other places that you can't see are dirty when standing on the ground. You don't want to have someone exceptionally tall check out the house and end up thinking you didn't keep up with its cleanliness. You may also find yourself embarrassed if someone does the finger test only to pull their finger back with tons of dust on it.
  • Make sure nothing needs surprising repairs: Take a good look at your roof as well as the area around the rain gutters, check out the entire fence around the property, look under all cabinets to double check for leaky pipes and check everything else you can think of around the house that may need fixing. Sometimes an easy repair can do some extra good when it comes to getting a quick offer on the house that you will be happy with.
  • Remove all those old cobwebs: While old cobwebs are harmless, they look awful and they also make it look like you aren't keeping up with regular housecleaning. Anyone who is thinking about buying your house would like to imagine you as an immaculate housekeeper and you want to do what you can to play that part as well.

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