Four Options In The Single Family Homes Department

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Four Options In The Single Family Homes Department

19 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Single family homes are homes that only one family can occupy at a time. They are not split into two homes to house two or more families simultaneously. That said, there are four main styles of single family homes for you to consider when you are looking to buy a single family home.

Single Family Home Detached

The keyword here is "detached." It means that this home is a stand-alone home that does not have any other house attached to it. In a residential or suburban area, a single family home detached is quite common.

Single Family Home Attached

An attached single family home means that there is another home attached to its side. Think of the row houses in Chicago, or the twindominiums that are so popular in urban development right now. For the most part, the house is entirely yours, but it shares a common wall with your neighbor's house right next door. If you do not mind hearing everything your neighbor does, says, or yells, or hearing music blasting, then a single family home attached may be a good option to consider.

Single Family Home, Attached Garage

A single family home with an attached garage means that your back or side door enters and exits your garage. Many people prefer this, since it is easy to go out and get into your car, and then return home and enter the house through the garage. It is also a popular option in colder northern states, where heating up your car before getting in is a hassle, but keeping it in the garage makes it less cold.

Single Family Home, Detached Garage

A single family home with a detached garage means that you have to walk outside to the location of your garage and enter the front or side door to get to your car. There is no direct exit or entrance door between the house and the garage. It is less convenient, especially in winter. However, it does keep your vehicle's exhaust fumes from leaking into the house and making your home smell like an auto shop.

Pick the Style, Then Pick the Architecture

Once you pick one of the four basic styles of single family homes listed above, you can begin looking at architectural design. Do you want a single family home with attached garage in the long ranch style, or do you want the single family home with detached garage in the Cape Cod style? Build on one of the four above that you prefer, and then you will find your new dream house.