5 Ingredients To Create A Powerful Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

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5 Ingredients To Create A Powerful Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

8 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you own a vacation home, you definitely want to have returning renters. On top of this, you want your pleased renters to tell their friends and family about their wonderful experience. This is just one great way to ensure that your vacation rental is always booked. A good place to start when it comes to welcoming your renters is to create a powerful vacation rental welcome letter that makes them feel invited, welcome, and appreciated. Here are five ingredients to help you achieve this:

  1. Personalize It: Every renter should have a slightly different welcome letter even if the only difference is just including their names. If you know a bit more about their family, you may include a little message for the kids. This is going to make them feel that you truly care that they have a great stay since it shows that they have your full attention. 
  2. Details About Your Vacation Home: To help your guests feel even more comfortable, you should tell them a little bit about your vacation home and the full benefits they can expect. For example, you can tell them where the pool is, the game room, and more. This is like giving them a mini tour so that they don't feel as if everything is completely up to them to figure out. 
  3. Details About the Area: You might also consider adding a few suggestions about how to make the most of their vacation. For example, you can tell them where the best pizza place is or what destination you find to be the most enjoyable. 
  4. Add Contact Information: You should also include contact information for maintenance, your property manager, or even yourself if you run the property on your own. This way, they know who to call in an emergency and are not left completely in the dark. 
  5. Leave a Parting Note: Finally, you should end the welcome letter with a nice parting note about how you hope that they enjoy their stay. Ending it nicely is a great way to ensure that they are likely to provide a higher standing review of your vacation home and possibly return in the future. 

When you know the five ingredients to a powerful vacation rental welcome letter, you can be sure that you start off your renter's experience on the right foot, which is great for both them and for yourself and your vacation rental property.