Tips When Downsizing From A House To A Condo

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Tips When Downsizing From A House To A Condo

9 May 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

The move from a house to a condo isn't as simple as packing up your things and going. It's also about shopping for homes for sale that will give you everything you expect in a home. Even when you're downsizing to a condo, here are some tips to find a house that you are happy to be in.

It's All About the Amenities

You will often find yourself with less space when you choose to move into a condo. But what you lose in personal space within your home, you might gain in terms of the common space in your new condo community. Think about the amenities that your condo involves because they can really increase the value of your property and also give you more that you can do with your home.

Keep Only Bare Essential Belongings

Along with a smaller space, it is helpful if you can go into your home buying decision with less stuff to keep in mind. You don't want to be wondering where to store the old tv you haven't used in a few years. Some people like to use a storage unit to store extra belongings when they first move to a smaller home. It might feel difficult to get rid of your items at first, but when you discover that you don't need them after a while, it becomes much simpler to donate or sell them.

Focus on Quality vs Quantity of Space

The quality of your space means a few things. It could mean that you choose a place with premium building materials that makes it feel like you've found a special piece of real estate. Maybe the condo has a special feature, such as a standalone glass shower or a spa tub, that makes it better than your old home. The design of the space, the quality of interior lighting, and the quality of appliances and fixtures are all things that go into the overall experience in your new home. If these things are in order, you might not even notice when you are moving into a smaller space.

At the same time, there are plenty of ways that you can maximize your space and provide quality at the same time. If you have a large, older tub and shower combo in your place, for instance, consider shower conversions to create a more compact shower with a brighter glass facade.

Know Your Monthly Fees

Another thing to keep in mind is the monthly fees you will need to keep up with in your new house. The fee structure probably includes a homeowner's association fee that deals with building management and upkeep. While it can seem like a lot, compare that to providing your own security and maintenance and you may find that the convenience is worth it.