2 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Beach House

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2 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Beach House

5 May 2017
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Many people dream of owning a home on the beach, whether for personal use or to earn rental income. However, owning a beachfront home comes with a few unique challenges you should be aware of when determining if this type of home fits your needs and budget. Here are two things to take into consideration when shopping for a beach house.

Mind the Salt Water

One of the hidden costs of owning a home near the beach is the damage salt water can do to the home and its appliances. Specifically, salt is a corrosive element that can cause the metal in your home to deteriorate five to ten times faster than normal, according to the experts. Even though the home is not actually sitting in the water, the combination of evaporation and wind causes salt molecules to find their way to your beach house all the same.

When calculating the costs associated with maintaining the home, factor in the costs associated with prophylactic treatments designed to reduce the damage as well as the reduced lifespan of exposed appliances. For instance, air conditioners will typically last 10 to 15 years. However, A/C units are made from a mix of metal and plastic, so your appliance may not last that long because of the salt water. Considering these costs will help ensure you set aside enough money for its upkeep.

Mind the Environmental Issues

People don't think of environmental issues when they purchase their homes until things go wrong (e.g. a tornado hits). However, it's a good idea to consider the type of environmental challenges you may face in a particular area, so you can take the proper steps to protect your investment.

For instance, NASA projects the sea level will rise between 0.26 and 0.55 meters globally by 2100, which may lead to the erasure of certain land areas from the map. While the 22nd century is still several decades away, some areas are already feeling the effects of climate change and experiencing flooding and other adverse weather events.

Before settling on a beach house, use FEMA's flood hazard tool and other environmental data to determine if there are any current issues you should be concerned about as well as predict what the area will be like when you're ready to sell. This can help ensure you purchase a home that will provide long-lasting value.

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