Making A Game Plan For Listing Your Home? 3 Changes Worth Making To Improve The Looks

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Making A Game Plan For Listing Your Home? 3 Changes Worth Making To Improve The Looks

12 April 2017
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When it comes to selling your home, there are a lot of factors that will come into play that determine how many people are interested as well as how willing they are to put in a serious offer. It is natural for a home that has not gone through much preparation at all before listing to receive offers on the low side. This is because a buyer may not be comfortable with a making decent offer on a home that could have lots of issues. It is helpful to put time and effort into changing your property to maximize attractiveness.

Replacing or Removing Window Treatments

The first thing that you may want to consider doing is changing out the window treatments. This is a viable option when you have curtains or drapery that may reflect a certain style that you like. If you have standard curtains in white, gray, or another neutral color, you can leave them if they are in good shape. It may even be an option to remove the window treatments altogether in the living spaces. This adjustment can lead to natural light flowing through the living room, kitchen, and dining room all day long.

Getting Rid of Certain Paint Colors

Bold and bright bedroom colors may work for you because it fits your style, but this does not mean you should expect potential buyers to share the same opinion. The rooms that are most acceptable for having paint colors other than neutral include the kitchen and bathroom, so you do not need to change these. It is best to invest in painting services to guarantee professional results when covering up a paint job.

Using New Shower Curtains

Going shopping for shower curtains will likely have you looking at a large selection of different prints and colors. These options are fine for renters and homeowners who like how they look, but you should replace the ones that you have in your home before you take photos, list the home, and start the showings. Opting for clear shower curtains is an ideal choice when you have decorative tilework to show off. But, if you want to focus on the other aspects of the bathroom, plain white curtains should work extremely well.

Making some or all these adjustments to your home before diving into the home selling process should put you in a much better situation for selling the property in a timely manner. For more information, contact companies like Foxfire Realty, Inc.