3 Mistakes to Never Make When Listing Your Home Online

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3 Mistakes to Never Make When Listing Your Home Online

11 April 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you prepare to list your home online, you may have a million thoughts racing through your head. The potential reach of the internet is limitless. Once your listing is online, you may soon have people knocking at your door to see your house. As you move towards finding a home buyer and are ready to hit submit on your home listing, be sure to avoid making these common mistakes when listing your home online.

Stop! Don't Try to Do It on Your Own

Although some home sellers may be tempted to simply take the home-selling process on themselves, that is often a big mistake. If you sell the home yourself, that means you will also need to handle the listing, marketing, and selling of your home all by yourself. You will need to know as much as possible about your home and will also need to make yourself available any time potential buyers want to see the house. For nearly everyone who has a house for sale, it's worth the relatively affordable fee to the real estate agent for all the work they do on your behalf.

Stop! Don't Ignore the Clutter on Your Shelves

Having a lot of personal effects on your counters won't appeal to potential home buyers. Also, if you have a lot of kitsch collections lying around, it can be hard for home seekers to imagine themselves living in your home. Some may even make false assumptions that you do not take good care of your home if you have things they consider to be junk in it. Although you may prefer to live with a lot of stuff, you should at least put it in storage during the time when you need to show your home.

Stop! Don't Forget to Paint Any Walls That Need It

Some home sellers only want to spend money on necessary improvements since they are no longer going to be living in the home. However, taking the extra effort and small expense to paint the walls and ceilings of any part of your home that need it. Sprucing up your home in these small ways can make all the difference to potential home buyers. They may be the difference between someone assuming you don't take good care of your home and someone being impressed by how new your house looks.

Finally, keep in mind that having your home listing online will signal to home seekers that you are officially selling your home. It can make the home-selling phase of your life feel real, and your real estate agent may call with good news shortly after your listing goes live. In a best-case scenario, many people will likely want to look at your house shortly after it is listed for sale. Ask realtors like MLS to Sell for any help or advice you need along the way.