Homes For Rent: 3 Tips To Follow During The Inspection

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Homes For Rent: 3 Tips To Follow During The Inspection

14 March 2017
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More and more Americans are choosing to rent rather than own their homes. This trend is particularly true for Americans over the age of 55. When looking for the perfect rental home, browsing uploaded photographs will not be enough for you to make an informed decision. You should always visit the rental homes in person to get a good idea on how the layout, style, and design of the home comes together. Before you move into the rental unit, do a quick walkthrough with the landlord to determine whether there are any existing issues that need to be addressed. This will ensure that you won't be held responsible for damages made by past tenants. Here are 3 tips you should keep in mind.

Turn On All Faucets and Look Underneath the Sink for Leaks

Most renters take a quick look at the home to make sure there are no obvious signs of damages; however, they usually only take a look at the surface of the home. It's important to dig further in order to confirm that there are no functionality issues that might emerge. In particular, you want to confirm that the plumbing is in good condition. Turn on all of the faucets to determine whether there is sufficient water pressure coming from the plumbing. You also want to turn the water to hot to check whether the boiler kicks in quickly. Last but not least, take a look at underneath the sinks or areas surrounding the faucets to determine whether there are any leakages that need to be pointed out to the landlord.

Place Hand by Windows and Doors to Feel for Air Leakages

The energy efficiency of the home will determine the cost of your energy bills. Properly insulated homes that are also properly sealed will usually see a 10% decrease in total annual energy costs. Holes, cracks, and leaks that allow heat from inside the home to escape can become quite costly. Place your hand by the windows and the doors to see if you can feel a breeze. If you can, it means that the home is not properly sealed. You can ask your landlord to correct the issue before you move in.

Schedule Inspections During Late Afternoons or During Times of High Traffic

Do you hate loud noises and enjoy relaxing in serene environments? If you do, figuring out whether the home has appropriate noise-reducing insulation and properties is important. Schedule your inspection during late afternoons or during times when there's the most traffic in the area. This will help you gauge whether your day will be constantly interrupted by the sounds of cars driving by or honking. You'll also get a good sense of the neighborhood before you move in.


A thorough inspection can tell you a lot about a rental home. This is your one opportunity to determine whether you'd actually be happy with living in the home and whether the home is in good condition. For more help finding a home for rent, contact an agency like CJ Real Estate, Inc.