Selling Your Old House? Show Its True Glory And Attract Buyers With These Simple Tips

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Selling Your Old House? Show Its True Glory And Attract Buyers With These Simple Tips

24 August 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you live in a newer home, working with a real estate company to place it on the market and get it noticed is usually not that big of a deal. However, if you live in a vintage house that is older than most, you are marketing to a select group of potential buyers who may be interested, which means the marketing process can be a little more of a challenge than usual. While selling an older house may be more of a challenge, you can make a huge difference in how quickly it sells by following some of these real estate insider secrets where marketing your home is concerned. 

Highlight the unique characteristics in photos, ads, and listings. 

One of the major advantages you have if you are selling an antiquated home is the fact that your home is probably a lot different than most of those houses that are new. Old houses are notorious for offering unique features, both in architecture and function, that prospective buyers adore if they like older houses. A few examples of old home features to highlight include:

  • cupolas
  • verandas or wraparound porches
  • stained glass windows or stained glass door embellishments
  • vintage stairways
  • rustic wood flooring 
  • claw-foot bathtubs
  • dummy butlers
  • window seats
  • vaulted ceilings

Make sure the specialized features in your home stand out in photos taken for the real estate listings by ensuring these areas are uncluttered and clear. Plus, it is best to ensure that whatever special features your old home has, they are mentioned in the home's description. 

Make noteworthy modern upgrades before listing.

There may be a select group of buyers who love older homes, but that does not mean these buyers do not like modern conveniences implemented into these structures. Old homes that are missing the modern commodities may come off looking like homes that need a lot of work and money invested to be suitable for most buyers, which is definitely not what you want. Therefore, if you have an old house that has an outdated heating and cooling system, old plumbing, or other outdated implementations, it is a good idea to make upgrades to your house before you actually list it for sale. Once you have made the modern upgrades to your old house, these can be used as selling points with the real estate listing and will definitely make your home look like a more attractive structure.