4 Important Factors To Evaluate When Purchasing Land To Build A House On

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4 Important Factors To Evaluate When Purchasing Land To Build A House On

11 December 2015
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If you are looking for a parcel of land to build a home on and have already selected your house plans and set your budget, there are a variety of different factors you should look into before making an offer on land for sale. It is vital to evaluate these factors, because they can affect what you will be able to do with the land you buy, and they could also affect the expenses you will incur when you begin building your house. Here are four of the most important factors you should evaluate as you look for land to purchase.

Zoning Laws

The very first thing to examine with a parcel of land is the zoning restrictions. If you are purchasing land within a subdivision, you will have no problem building a house on the land, because this is what subdivision land is zoned for. On the other hand, if the land you are purchasing is located within town limits, there might be zoning restrictions that could prevent you from using the land for residential purposes.

If you use a real estate agent to help you locate land for sale, he or she will help you find land that is zoned for the purpose you need it for. If you inadvertently purchase land that is not zoned properly, you could apply to have the land rezoned. Unfortunately, this is not an easy process to complete. It can also take time and cost a lot of money.

Condition Of The Soil

The second thing to consider is whether or not the land is suitable for building a home. While it may seem like you could build a house on any piece of land, this is not the case. If the land happens to be located in a flood zone, you may not be able to get approved for a home loan to build a house on this land.

In other cases, the soil on the land is not suitable for building. The lot might be too low, which could be another factor that could stop you from building. If you are not sure what to look for with soil on a piece of land, you could order a soil review. While this may cost you some money to do, it will be better to find out the condition of the site before you buy it. This could end up helping you save a lot of money in the long run.

Water And Sewer

Evaluating how water and sewer activities are handled is also an important step in the process of choosing the right piece of land. If the land is located in an area that has city water and sewer, you may be required to hook up to these things. If this is something you want, then that piece of land might be fine for you to choose.

If you were really hoping to have well water and your own septic tank, you probably would not want to choose land that has city water and sewer services.


Finally, you should look into the utilities in the area. If the land is located near other homes, you will probably be able to get your utilities hooked up for a reasonable price. If the land is located far out of town, getting utility lines run to your home may be extremely costly. You might also be limited to using propane gas instead of natural gas, or you may have to choose a home that runs completely on electricity.

Land in desolate areas may have a hard time getting cellphone reception, cable services, and high-speed Internet too. These are all factors to think about when buying land.

Land for sale comes in many locations, sizes, and types. As you search for the right land, make sure you factor in all the issues listed here. If you need help locating land, contact a company like Adobe Homes Florida.