4 Major Tasks to Take on Before Your Home Goes on the Market

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4 Major Tasks to Take on Before Your Home Goes on the Market

24 November 2014
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There's no place like home. That is, unless you're looking to sell your house to move onto bigger and better things. If you do decide to sell, remember that potential buyers won't be filled with warm, fuzzy memories of your home and will instead be judging it on their first impressions. Spruce your home up before you put it on the market by taking on these projects.

1. Fresh Gardens

If you're planning to move in the Spring or Summer, it may be tempting to skip planting flowers that year. Don't do it.

If you leave your garden bare, buyers will notice the dreary, dead winter look to your yard and will think of your entire house as dreary. Flowers are a great way to add color to your landscape and welcome potential buyers as they pull up to your home.

2. Make Your Address Visible

Is your address on a fading mailbox, rusty numbers falling off of the side of your house, or on scuffed paint on the curb? Touch up your house numbers or replace them entirely.

You want your home to be easily found by buyers. Even though it probably won't take them long to find it anyway, even a small bit of frustration can start them off in the wrong mood.

3. Box Up Family Effects

When you show a house, you want buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home and imagine what it will be like when they're living there. Minimization is the key to leaving room for the imagination.

Take down your family photos and put any odd heirlooms in a closet or the attic. Make sure children's toys, pet toys, and other items are put away as well. When buyers arrive, they should see a clutter-free home with fresh flowers to liven up any spaces.

4. Make Your Home Welcoming to All Senses

It's an open secret that big real estate chains and entertainment destinations use sights, sounds, and smells to set the mood. There's no reason you can't do the same.

Light a scented candle or bake something sweet a few hours before the showing. If you're in a noisy area, play light classical music. Another common real estate trick is to crank up the heat or air conditioning so buyers can experience just how toasty and comfortable your home can feel.

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